Surgent Professional Education Announces Accountex Conference Participation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Devon, PA)—Surgent Professional Education, a leader in the field of CPE for CPAs and other financial professionals, has recently announced their participation in this year’s Accountex Conference. Surgent created a strategic partnership with Accountex USA earlier in the year, and the Surgent team’s participation in the conference is an outgrowth of that … Continue reading “Surgent Professional Education Announces Accountex Conference Participation”


(Devon, PA)—Surgent Professional Education, a leader in the field of CPE for CPAs and other financial professionals, has recently announced their participation in this year’s Accountex Conference. Surgent created a strategic partnership with Accountex USA earlier in the year, and the Surgent team’s participation in the conference is an outgrowth of that partnership.

Evan Kramer, ‎Chief Executive Officer of Surgent Professional Education, stated “As a company that provides CPA webinars and ongoing education for accounting professionals, working with Accountex just makes so much sense. We are proud of the strategic partnership we’ve created, and we know that what we each bring to the table is beneficial for CPA’s in many ways. We’re not exaggerating when we say that the Accountex Conference is the event of the year for all accounting professionals. They’ll have a chance to gain vital insight from top business executives as well as getting a glimpse of what the future holds in terms of the technology that will impact the way they work.”

The Accountex Conference will be held at the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada November 15-18, 2016. This four-day learning experience will allow professionals in the accounting community to get a full understanding of the technology that is available to help them move their own businesses and the industry forward. They’ll also be presented with multiple perspectives regarding the solutions that can help them improve and streamline their business processes.

As Kramer continued, “Our ultimate goal in providing CPAs with top-notch education, and future CPAs with the best cpa review course, is to help the accounting professionals we serve position themselves for success. We wholeheartedly believe that the education they’ll receive at Accountex’s annual technology showcase will help to push them toward that goal. Technology drives accounting, and the solutions that these professionals will gain access to at the conference will help them stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide meaningful services to their own clients.”

Those who are interested in learning more about Surgent Professional Education and their partnership with Accountex USA can visit for additional information.

About Surgent Professional Education:

Surgent (formerly Surgent McCoy) is a leader in the field of continuing professional education (CPE) for CPAs and other financial professionals. Their team will provide thousands of CPE webinars, self-study courses, CPE packages, and live seminars this year for accounting, tax, and financial professionals all across the country. Surgent also helps aspiring CPAs pass the CPA Exam faster through its cpa review courses, which leverages a proprietary adaptive learning technology to customize a learning plan for each candidate, saving hours of study time for each candidate while delivering overall pass rates that are twice the national average. 


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The Decline of Yellow Pages and the Future of Online Marketing

The internet yellow pages are common with modern internet users. Some have little knowledge of how it came about to become what is. Yellow pages are used to refer to a telephone directory which arranges business address in categories as opposed to the use of alphabets. Businesses are required to pay for advertisement on the yellow pages. The name yellow pages has a funny origin when the publisher failed to get enough white papers to print all the books opting to use the yellow papers for the case. The yellow page is a phonebook of businesses located in a certain region. Most of the yellow pages were published by local phone companies though independent publishers also exist. In some instances, the publishers may concentrate on a certain categories like the health yellow pages. They are usually printed every year. The resident in the area receive the copies for free. The publishing firms get revenue from selling the advertising space to various companies.

However, yellow pages seem to be declining. Most of the shoppers and advertisers are turning on the search engines and search directors. Most of the people prefer to use the internet while relatively fewer will rely on the print yellow pages. The recent legislation against delivery of the yellow pages have increased the pace out of the yellow pages. Some of the states have put in place the laws limiting the delivery of the handbook to instances when they have been requested by the resident. The attempt by yellow pages companies to defend their business has mostly been unsuccessful.

This has made many companies to put the ideas of the yellow pages online. The results are promising to the investors. Consumers are now turning to the internet to search for various products and service providers. The online directories are providing the listing services to businesses which are optimizing sales through the internet search. Businesses that find themselves unable to advertise themselves on the internet are losing sales. The online directories offer a good chance to look at the profile of various service companies. The client can also communicate with the seller using his interactive features of the website.

The print yellow pages may still command some acceptance but limited. This seems to be the ay since more shoppers and advertiser will prefer to use the internet in the near future. Most of the businesses are turning to online listing since consumers are doing away with the hand copy. The ease which the online directories and search engines are offering to the user has made them a favorite. The yellow pages did a good job in providing the platform of the internet yellow pages.

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Case Study: My Experience With Options

Why You Need To Choose Used Office Furniture At the moment, there are now lots of businesses everywhere that became aware of the numerous benefits they can obtain if they will make use of used office furniture. There are other choices existing to you and not just buy brand new office furniture, as a matter of fact, there are lots of good quality secondhand furniture accessible these days but at a price that is very cheap unlike the brand new ones. Even if there are a lot of people who believe that secondhand office furniture are not appealing and you may also find them to be a distasteful proposition at the outset, however, if you will try to find a highly regarded source, you can make certain that you can have some used but high quality used office furniture. You can definitely find any kind of office furniture if you will settle on used office furniture. You can procure chairs, some tables, and computer desks made in various materials and different excellent designs. Take into account, when you hear the word second hand, this will not stand for substandard. You can find used office furniture by means of rummage sales, auctions, corporate offices, as well as online shops. Due to the economic recession, you will notice that there are lots of businesses as well as companies that have gone ruined and broke, that is why, you should not feel surprise to discover loads of used office furniture these days. So, if you are looking for some excellent used office furniture you can acquire, then, you need to have a very keen eye, like this, you can surely get some furniture at a very reasonable price.
Lessons Learned About Options
There is a need for you to meticulously check the used office furniture in order for you to make sure that they are in excellent condition. You need to take into account that when we say used office furniture, it doesn’t mean rubbish, for this reason, never agree to something that was already used for many years and is in an awful condition. Naturally, one should not compare the condition of new office furniture to used office furniture, then again, if you spot some scratches and also marks on the furniture, using them is highly suggested when you are trying to make a deal with the seller so the price can be lessen. It is also important that you will inspect any internal damage, loose bolts, as well as molds and stains on cushions and fabrics.
The Best Advice on Stores I’ve found
Another vital matter which you need to guarantee is the quality of the used office furniture. Of course, you should never disregard the aesthetic appeal of used office furniture you are planning to buy, on the other hand, it is also very important that its quality is not overlooked.

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Top Considerations in Choosing a Data Management Service Provider

If you are dealing with several data sources and managing all of the updates, then you might as well be desiring to look for a data management company. But since it is often very challenging to make a choice among different data management systems and even choosing your data management service provider, it is ideal to check some of the top considerations that allow you to come up with a more informed decision.

Top Considerations in Choosing a Data Management Service Provider


If you are handling big data, then be sure that you are aware that big really means. You should be able to have a wide eye-view on the cope of your data needs before you seek out for a company that can be your partner in this aspect of your company. Plan ahead and see to it that you are documenting all of your expectations from potential service providers.


Keeping your decision-makers informed of all necessary and salient information plays a vital role in this process. That means you are able too explain your goals and lay down the results that you are expecting to experience from such a venture. In such a case, your can rest assured that whatever decision they will arrive at, it is based on the available information they were able to access.


It is, most of the times, beneficial to work with a company that is setting a good lead in the industry. It is understandable, however, that you are most familiar of the ins and outs of your company. But then choosing a company that has consistently shown expertise in the industry allows you to gain a better assurance that they are going to handle all of your information soundly and accurately.


Even before you allow another party to handle your data, you should have organized it. Although this has the chance of eating up lots of your time, it can somehow benefit your company in a bigger way. It is your responsibility to explain your data to your chosen data management service provider and provide them a preview of your data relationships and linkages. If it is clear with your chosen company, the better they can handle your data.

You know that when it comes to choosing a data management company, there will be risks and benefits on both sides of the line. Consider the tips provided above in order that you can be helped in making the right decision.

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A Beginners Guide To Businesses

Invest in a Reputable Virtual Office Company Have you started a business and you don’t have enough capital to acquire office space in central London? Worry not since many virtual office companies in central London could provide you with the best services that are tantamount to dedicated office services. Right from the central business division of London you could have your virtual office that provides your client with the top notch office services. Since using home address could have a dull picture of your start-up you need to invest in the services of a virtual office company. If your address reads central London you would have the leverage since your customers and suppliers would have a positive view of your business. More customers and suppliers would find it easy doing business with you if your address reads central London. Your suppliers would have more confidence in you just by having an address that refers them to a well-furnished office with the state of the art office equipment. It is said that the first impression matters a lot to a person and so should a business. Good views would be formed by your clients and suppliers after visiting your virtual office. Your business would thrive well since the services offered at the virtual office meets those of a real business. The stuff at the virtual office have the experience and know better in matters office. You could get services such as mail forwarding which is vital for your business. You could sign in with the virtual office company online to get mail forwarding service. Your identification and the name of your business is a prerequisite for you to sign in with virtual office company. You would then be provided with a virtual address that could be used by your business and customers.
Smart Tips For Finding Receptionists
They also offer your business telephone answering services in the name of your business. The information that the client left to the virtual receptionist would later be emailed to you, or you would be called.
What Do You Know About Services
The virtual office could also handle your customers on your behalf though you have to pay for using conferee rooms or office. You would foot the expenses of using photocopy machine or the fax machine; these machines uses paper and ink inputs. For a better deal regarding office services you need to do a thorough review of various virtual office companies before settling on any for a better deal regarding office services. From the comparisons, you make to various virtual office companies you could then settle on the one that offers the best deal concerning charges and location and other services.

Learning The “Secrets” of Blogs

How to Start a Blog That Will Turn Readers into Life-Long Customers The best way to make loads of money online is to learn how to start blogging and what it takes to become a personal branding expert. The majority of today’s millionaires are bloggers who’ve learned how to turn traffic into leads that convert. Most people don’t associate blogging with how to make a million dollars. As the saying goes, “content is king.” You can’t expect to be treated like royalty, without knowing how to create a first-class blog. It sounds difficult, but it’s achievable to those who take the time to learn the elements that make up a successful blog. This article won’t teach you how to make a million dollars overnight, but it will teach you how to create a compelling blog that will keep readers coming back for more. Let’s start with the basics, such as starting with writing what you know. Sharing a story is the easiest way to get others interested in what you are selling. Humans are wired for connection. Storytelling is as old as humankind. History has been passed down from one generation to the next via words and images.
5 Takeaways That I Learned About Guides
It is a proven fact that well written stories are powerful enough to grab our brain’s attention and to keep it there. Academic websites display the research to prove that compelling stories have a significantly positive impact on the human brain. What this means is a blog that tells interesting stories is powerful enough to capture and maintain the attention of readers, in addition to keeping them coming back for more. If you can learn to tell stories well, then you can learn how to operate a successful online business.
Smart Tips For Uncovering Tips
Writing about current events is probably one of the easiest ways to grab a reader’s attention. Let’s say you are writing a blog about healthy eating, then it would make sense to write about a famous person who is benefitting from living a healthy lifestyle. Next, you will need to connect their story to your own ideas about having a healthy lifestyle. You need to make sure your writing is clear and concise, so the reader isn’t confused or left wondering what you meant. Write for the masses instead of the select few who understand your area of expertise. Focus on what you want your readers to gain from your post and make every sentence serve the overall message of the post. Stories that are off topic or irrelevant are to be avoided if you want to maintain your readers’ interest. Genuine experiences carry more weight than over-the-top stories that appear to be contrived for shock effect. People want to connect with those they can relate to more than those who have something to prove. The title needs to be attention grabbing, if you want to get readers interested in what you have to say. The first sentence should be as punchy as the title if you want readers to commit to reading the rest of your post. Learning how to turn an online blog into a successful business is possible for those who are devoted to the process.

The Path To Finding Better Services

When You are In Need of Plumbing Services Regular maintenance is a necessity in order to maintain the pipes as well as the fixtures in good condition to have a smooth as well as efficient water distribution in your office or house and for the right disposal of sewage. This is the reason on the importance of getting plumbing services that can help you. You must remember one thing and such is not to ignore or postpone any type of plumbing repair or maintenance because this can lead to larger issues later on. If the plumbing problems are not taken care of at the right time, then this can really result to a big issue. However, you need plumbing services to maintain it regularly and so that you can keep yourself from those big repairs. And because of this, it is really prudent that you look for a reliable plumbing service provider to help you out. You should know that water systems are some of the indispensable components which you use on a daily basis though you don’t know it. Similar to the other systems, the water supply system will begin causing issues and this will also require preservation services as well. Many people would try to repair the plumbing issues in their homes on their own but you would usually fail in seeing other major problems which may have caused the issue. This is where you need the help of the plumbing service who has that trained personnel to clean those clogged toilets, fix the leaking pipes and others which are also hidden in the basement and also the repair of the busted pipes that can damage the furniture.
The 10 Rules of Plumbers And How Learn More
To work on those plumbing jobs, one should have practical skills and also a great knowledge that only the professional plumbers have. You must know that the professionals will have the best tools to repair and have the major plumbing issues solved in just a small amount of time and know how to use them in an efficient manner. Services which are rendered by the professional plumbers are solutions that last and they are not just one-time fixes only. What is important is that if you are going to call such plumbing service, they can help you spot as well as fix the problems from the root cause.
The 10 Best Resources For Experts
What you can also expect from the professional companies is that they offer you with a range of plumbing services that involve attending to the burst pipes and also the water leaks, repairing toilets, faucets or taps, hot water heater installation, maintenance and repairs, service, detecting leaks, gas fitting and so much more. These companies can provide emergency plumbing services with just short notices. When you would need one during odd hours, then you can still get the plumbing repairs you need.

Short Course on Professionals – What You Need To Know

Locksmith Services for Maximum Protection

For each and every motor vehicle and residence, security and safety are really crucial. This is completely why locks, keys and digital protection equipment came to be.

Their particular advent was intentionally to handle the growing requirement for personal safety of properties and additional possessions. Traditionally, keys and locks were definitely already utilized in the Biblical times. Applying crude real wood and sheet metal, people designed them into slabs fastened against the entrance way from within by the utilization of makeshift braces.

Locksmiths play a crucial part in every person’s lives. Even though occasionally unknown and overlooked, locksmiths are the individuals who keep us safe inside our homes and within our cars. Without locksmith solutions, probably the level of theft and break-in have risen to unmanageable levels.

Residential Locksmith Services may be the most basic service which a locksmith offers and installing of locks in a fresh dwelling. Home owners obviously want their exclusive security along with their material belongings secured.

This could be done by forming locks on every windowpane and door in your home. But in addition to this, locksmiths also replace or service locks for old homes.

Other related home locksmith services include crucial duplication in situations when there exists a need for each and every loved one to have their very own set of keys, installing residence vaults and safes, fixes and desk lock installation, garage door lock installation and fixes not to mention, overall upkeep of property locks whether digital or not.

Commercial Locksmith Services, in lots of structures and business establishments, most are currently using key-less access through ID cards swipe, setting up monitoring and various other high security locking products and burglar alarm devices.

Other solutions of locksmiths for the industrial sector are establishing document cabinet locks and vault locks, cabinet key fix and replacement, door crucial replacement and repair, office lock installations, and general lock improvements on all existing locks.

Big institutions require maximal security including when dealing in useful gems or original artwork in a shop or museum. Truck locksmiths are known for several services, not merely regarding the duplication of car keys or making replacement unit car keys also for several other motives just like adding an electric garage lock installation.

Auto locksmiths are formally experienced in dealing with keys and locks of the latest models of and kinds automobiles. For garage area doors, car locksmiths can make sure the reliability of your automobile by designing and organizing electronic lock units.

Emergency Locksmith Services, is probably one of the most demanding form of service for any locksmith, especially for many who are on call 24 hours per day. Quite simply, emergency locksmiths ought to be prepared to help even at most awkward hours of your day. Citizens ask emergency locksmiths during residence and truck lock-outs, during vehicular incidents when their expertise is required to open up a jammed door with a contained passenger, and during fire problems when doorways need to be unlocked to recover people in the burning building.

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Getting Down To Basics with Phones

Telecommunications Company: Advancing The Way We Connect with Others The telecommunications industry continues to grow and new brand names are introduced as investors continue to ride the demand for better technology services. With investors, new brand names come into the picture, which in turn offers consumers more options to help them get their money’s worth. Every day, telecommunications companies continue to compete to earn the approval of their clients. These clients can either be individual users or corporate accounts that run multiple businesses. The result of the competition between these service providers should be better services and availability of high end technologies for their subscribers. The varied offerings of these providers leave subscribers wondering, which company they should put their money on. Customers are becoming cautious when it comes to choosing their telecommunications partner, and because of this, providers are also doubling their efforts to provide the excellent service every customer needs. As part of their committed effort to deliver high end technology, most of these providers now provide hosted unified communications, which integrates numerous functionalities in one subscription. Some of the functionalities that are ideally part of the package are IP telephony, web and video conferencing services; call control, data sharing, unified messaging and mobility features. When combined, these functionalities can be expensive, thus not all providers offer these services in one bundle. Some providers are getting creative in marketing their products and will allow their subscribers to pick the services they want to include on their subscription. By providing high grade services at a friendly price, telecommunications providers are helping their clients get their technological needs.
How I Became An Expert on Phones
While it is good to get services at a cheaper rate, every subscriber has to consider the features offered so as not to set aside business requirements. Sometimes, the cheapest bundle also comes with the most inefficient service. Go for a company that has already established a name in setting industry standards and could back their claim with efficient services. Ideally, a telecommunications company should foresee the needs of their partners and would offer cost effective solutions at very competitive rates.
On Telecommunications: My Thoughts Explained
It is imperative that telecommunications providers have contact centers set up. Through this support, they are able to assure their clients that they get the technical assistance they need when technical issues arise. All the support staff of these centers should have the knowledge to resolve any concerns raised by their subscribers. Give your business to a provider that backs their claim of integrity and truthfulness in all their services. This means that the provider should not confuse their clients with complicated billing statements that have underlying hidden charges and fees. The competition of telecommunications providers should be an advantage to consumers. It should entitle them to demand from their providers the level of service that is due for them and the most outstanding products they can offer.

Finding Parallels Between Options and Life

Four Key Benefits of Online Printing Services

Printing costs are on the rise, and businesses are in search of ways to control them and prevent them from wearing down into their bottom line. Online printing is one of the best ways to address the problem and boost their profits.

Below are the four key benefits online printing services have to offer:


One of the best things about online printing is its cost friendliness. It’s evident how that online printers are cheaper compared to their traditional counterparts. This is true for all kinds of materials for printing, offset or digital. Customers pocket substantial savings when ordering such materials online, from banners to business cards to postcards and all the others. The is due to the lower overheads required to run an online printing business. As retail printers have to pay expensive rent and pay the costs of hiring full-time in-house employees, online printers do not. That is why online printing is always cheaper.


What you can order your marketing brochures, postcards and business cards from your home or office, that already makes one huge advantage offered by online printing companies over local printers. But that’s not the end of the story – you will be able to order not just anywhere, but anytime too. Whether it’s 1 pm or 1 am, your time is your call. Of course, these printers are in business 7 days a week, 24 hours each day. Moreover, the order forms are also typically easy to use. If you have pre-designed your materials, you can simply forward your digital files to the printer and they will handle the rest of the task. If you would like the printer to create the design for you, however, there will also be a user-friendly web interface that may be used to facilitate your communication with the company’s designer.


When ordering from an online printing company, you will have an entire variety of options available to you, which will otherwise not be there if you were to choose a traditional printer. The expertise and product range available on the web simply can’t be beat. From printing colors to materials to techniques – there is a lot to explore when you look online for those printing needs.

Quality Customer Service

Finally, web printing services have always been known for their premium customer care service, which is delivered through all kinds of efficient media, from landline phones to emails to chats. In simple terms, for whatever problem you have, you will be able to get a solution in the shortest time possible. For instance, if there are orders that you want expedited, you can just send them a message on chat and they will get to you as soon as possible. Being online printers, they are expected to be around most of the time, and that is one thing they take very seriously.

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